Monday, 19 March 2012

Press Freedom in East Asia

According to Freedom House, China, Singapore and North Korea are rated not free in terms of press freedom. Before creating classifications for these countries, it is important to examine the history, cultural, economic and governmental factors that influence press freedom.

China is considered one of the world’s most restricted countries for both foreign and domestic journalists. The government has direct control over media coverage and journalists face strict punishments, including jailing, job loss and harassment if they speak or write out against officials (Freedom House, 2009).

Unlike China, Singapore is considered a Parliamentary Republic with a corruption-free environment.
Gaining its independence in 1965 from the Malaysian Federation, Singapore has become a very successful free-market economy.

Another communist nation, North Korea experiences a one-man dictatorship. The country currently
faces major economic issues and is considered one of the least open economies in the world.